Sunday, April 29, 2012

Successful book signing at the indoor farmer's market

My book signing at the indoor farmer's market yesterday was fun. I brought my drop-spindle along with a finished skein of yarn to show anyone who was interested in my spinning.

I ended up selling not only several books, but my finished skein of yarn, too! I also got to eat a warm breakfast pie from the Gaelic Imports table, and I brought home some ground bison from the man who sells pasture-raised, grass-fed bison, and made a big pot of bison chili for dinner last night. Yum!

I love farmer's markets!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A coupon for The Witch of Starmont!

I finally put The Witch of Starmont up at, and it is currently undergoing approval for inclusion into the Apple, Sony, Diesel, and Kobo ebook catalogues. If it passes muster, The Witch of Starmont will become available at these major ebook sellers, too.

Before now, it was availble only at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but, as of right now, you can  purchase it through Smashwords and download versions compatible with just about any ereader device! And to celebrate, I have a half-off coupon for you to use at Smashwords!

Here is the 50% - off Smashwords coupon code for The Witch of Starmont:


It's for use only at Smashwords, and only for The Witch of Starmont. Use it at checkout and pay only $0.99!

The coupon is good through this Sunday, April 29th, so hurry to get your half-price ebook!  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I might start writing again...

I've been thinking about plots lately. I may just get up the nerve to start writing again. Maybe even a sequel to Rose of Par Kluhnd, or perhaps I'll dust off and finish that ghost story I started but never finished...