Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Witch of Starmont

Coming soon to all other major ebook retailers

With a little romance, a little fantasy, a little gardening, and a cottage in New England, what's not to love?

Mara seems happy growing herbs and running her herbal remedy and skin care business. Her deepest desire, however, is to run back to the life she had before her failed marriage. But there is a secret pinning her here, a secret seemingly straight from a fairytale.

When Jonathan Perry enters Mara's life, she finds a person in whom she can confide. But her ex-husband holds the key to her astounding secret and won't relinquish the control he still has over her.

Mara struggles with the call of her old life while beginning to find happiness in Jonathan's steadying presence. But will her ex-husband let her keep any happiness she may find?

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