Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I just finished reading Steel, by Carrie Vaughn. I really liked this book and I admire Carrie Vaughn for putting the story together the way she did. She researched her topics well and grabs the reader's attention with all of the adventurous details of life at sea as a pirate, but also shows the day to day knitty gritty of the hard work behind what was ultimately a hard life.

I really like what Vaughn did to get Jill, the main character, to go back in time 300 years. The device is clever and I really liked how the story worked. Several years ago I wanted to write a story about pirates and include the women of the pirating world. I did my research, but I never pulled a story together. Carrie Vaughn has done an excellent job with Steel. I'm jealous, but I've also learned a lot about approaching stories that you want to tell.

If I were still in junior high or early high school, I would eat this book up. If you know any adventurous pre-teen or teen girls out there, give them this book to read.

You can see more of what I thought by reading my review over at Goodreads.

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