Friday, February 22, 2013


Last weekend I found myself walking through a collection of vintage cars and trucks belonging to a collector in Akron. My favorite cars were from the 40's and 50's. The curves and style of those autos were truly works of art. My favorite in the whole collection, though, was this delivery truck. It's like something from a children's story:

On a walk in the snow one day, I came across the imprint that some sort of raptor - owl or hawk - left after swooping to grab a small meal. The wing prints are on the right and left , the tail print behind, and on the left is a place where the bird hopped with its conquered prey and left blood in the snow before flying away with its meal:

And here is my gray cat with her doppelganger:

I finally placed orders for seeds - a little late, a few things that I wanted were already sold out. I'm always a little over zealous when it comes to planning my gardens anyway. Sitting in your house with the snow blowing around outside somehow leads to visions of huge, lush gardens filled with unending varieties of vegetables and flowers. In the heat of summer, when the weeding is starting to fall behind, the reality is much different. I'm sure I can get along with a few less plants to worry about : )

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