Monday, February 8, 2016

World Building

I've been working on a new novel, it's a YA fantasy set in a land of my own creation. The inspiration for the setting is literally right next door. I live right up against a 60 acre park that has ball fields, soccer fields, walking paths and a pond. It was once a farm and the early 1800's farmhouse, barn and silo are still there. Upon entering the park from where my house is, you can see the silo off in the distance, and the top of the barn. When you have a vivid imagination, this becomes a far-off castle. The location of my house becomes a town, the apple tree in the front corner of my yard becomes an orchard, the walking paths in the park become roads of the realm, and various other sites in the park become important locations in a story.

Below, you can see the park slowly turning into a realm or two:

And now below you can see a roughly-drawn map which shows the realms of Korthis (central), Dolgoland (upper right) and Rhodheim (lower left):

So, over the past year or so  on my walks in the park next door I slowly created a world which became the setting of a novel. I recently finished writing that novel and it is in the hands of a couple of readers. I'm awaiting feedback so that I can put some polish on it.

Here is the preliminary elevator pitch:
A young woman feeling unappreciated at home is drawn into a brewing war and learns that the things she feels unappreciated for may prove key to saving the life of a young prince, and the entire realm.
I'm willing to admit that the pitch also needs some polishing : )

Anyway, the point of this post is, sometimes everyday surroundings can be an inspiration if you let them.

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