Saturday, August 6, 2016

My new book is out!

My new book is now available on Amazon! The eBook version is available now, and the print version will be coming soon.

Feeling unappreciated at home, Gwyn embarks on a routine errand which quickly becomes anything but, as war brews and she is drawn into the middle of it. Gwyn finds that her survival suddenly relies on her abilities – which may also prove key to saving the life of a young prince, and the entire realm.

This is yet another self-published book. I sent out only one query on the manuscript. It's still out and I don't know if I'll hear back anytime soon. I sent it to a new press and they were overwhelmed with submissions. They focus on strong female characters and this book in particular I thought might be a good fit. I decided to go ahead and publish it myself after waiting for quite a while for a response. I wish the press well and am excited that they are out there. I hope to see some good titles come out from them in the future.

So, in the meantime, here is my book. It's a quiet little story about a young woman who has a bit of an adventure while running an errand for the queen. I hope there are a few people out there who will like it - I enjoyed writing it.

And while eBooks don't generally have back covers, here is a peek at the back cover that will be on the print version:

You can click on either image to see a larger version. I'll let you know when the print version is released!

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